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More Carpet damage in Hazel Crest

What To Do After FloodingRemove excess water by mopping and blotting.Wipe excess water from wood furniture after removal of lamps and tabletop items.Remove and ... READ MORE

A Lansing Storm and Water Damage Cleanup

This kitchen in Lansing, IL  sustained structural damage as the result of a passing storm. A tree limb crashed down through the roof, breaking some truss w... READ MORE

Main Living Area Fire Damage - Matteson, IL. 60443

These photos illustrate the fire damage to this main living area of a typical home in Matteson. The fire was caused by a short above the ceiling resulting in fl... READ MORE

Water Damage in Flossmoor Library

This House of Books sustained isolated, but significant water damage, to several of the hallways. As you can see, we set up a containment perimeter to facilitat... READ MORE

Flossmoor Library Water Damaged Corridor

Our primary goal was to limit the water intrusion to the hallways and not to allow moisture movement to the actual reading rooms containing the books. Our techn... READ MORE

Crete Home Hallway Fire Damage

The fire damage to this Crete home was pretty devastating. The cause was not the concern of the homeowner, only how to restore his home to its former condition.... READ MORE

Exterior Fire Damage in Matteson

During the Winter, this Matteson fire damaged house suffered a severe setback. Though the fire started from a shorted wire in the attic crawl space, it spread f... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Damage in Matteson

This Matteson fire-damaged kitchen took quite an effort to restore it to its pre-loss condition. The stove-top was the usual culprit causing this fire and smoke... READ MORE

Roof and Siding Replaced After a Storm in Homewood

Luckily, it's not every day that a tornado touches down causing storm damage in Homewood. But it does happen, and you can see from these photos that the damage ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Olympia Fields

When a house fire strikes, the fire damage can be severe in some cases. This is one such case, but fortunately, it was quickly contained, and the physical damag... READ MORE