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Why Mold Takes to Basements Easily

10/5/2016 (Permalink)

Basement Mold Growth in Country Club Hills Gets Remediation from SERVPRO

Basements are the Playgrounds for Mold and Mildew

Mold damage can happen anywhere in a home, but there are a few parts of the average house that it seems to be most prevalent. One of these regions is the basement of the home, where mold can be found lurking on furniture, in storage spaces, or simply on the walls and floors. If your basement has incurred mold damage, worry not, as it's far from the first such case our technicians have had to tackle. But why do fungi appear so commonly in basements? There are a few reasons.

Most basements are dark most of the time, creating ideal conditions for many types of mold damage in Country Club Hills. Mold clings to dark basements like mud clings to brand new shoes; that is to say, many types of mold grow best in dark but warm conditions. Your basement likely meets those requirements most of the time, as even unheated basements tend to be warmer than the outside air due to subterranean heat retention and the bleed of heating from your home into its confines.
Many basements are damp for a variety of reasons, ranging from unnoticed water leaks to openings to the outdoors to simple high measures of relative humidity. All types mold require water to grow into a full-blown colony, and the more water available, the better. Keeping water leaks out of your basement is vital for this reason, and if you've found one there, be sure to call us for repair services quickly to prevent any further damage.
Lack of Disturbances
Many basements simply never see a disruption in airflow, heating, lighting, or physical interaction. Mold thrives where conditions are predictable and consistent, and in a sparsely-used room, colonies can grow out of control without the homeowner ever noticing. In the future, try to regularly inspect your basement for signs of damage such as an unusual white patch on the walls or a musty odor as these indicators can help to signal that mold may start growing before the problem gets out of hand.
SERVPRO of Matteson-Homewood deals with mold damage in all parts of the home on a regular basis and has access to a wide variety of resources to help ferret the fungus out before you know it. Call us at the first sign of damage at (708) 747-9925.

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