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SERVPRO Is Quick To Respond To Any Size Disaster!

10/13/2021 (Permalink)

Home Fire Fore Damaged home needing Board Up Services

SERVPRO of Matteson-Homewood is quick to respond to fire damage and securing property losses once the fire department has cleared the scene. Because most of our team members live in Homewood Flossmoor and the surrounding areas, our response time is typically less than one hour from the dispatch call.

Police and Fire Departments recommend SERVPRO because we show up on time and prepared for anything. Our board up trucks are state of the art. Lighting, power, extraction capabilities are just a few necessities we bring to fire scenes. 

Our board up teams start by removing all broken glass from the work areas to avoid liability issues and injuries. They then measure and cut all boards to fit securely into place. Doors are usually removed and then covered with plywood. A pad lock and hasp is then installed. The client is given a key as is the fire department for investigation purposes. 

Fire Board Up can also include winterizing pipes in the winter time, putting up caution tape or temporary fencing to keep the scene secure. If there are roof penetrations, SERVPRO of Matteson-Homewood also provides roof tarping services

Fire Board Up and property securing is the very first mitigating service your insurance company recommends. By securing homes professionally, home owners reduce the risk for more damage from weather, vandals, or other unexpected issues. Following a fire damage, rely on SERVPRO for all your Board Up needs.

There Is No Better Time To Practice Your Home Fire Drill, But Now!

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Fire Escape SERVPRO of Matteson-Homewood is ready 24/7, 365! Call us at (708) 747-9925!

In these times of uncertainty and endless questions, it is important to focus on things that we can control.  One of those things is fire safety!  Being at home together with your family is a perfect time to practice a fire drill.  Remember the days when fire drills happened in school? Most of us loved them because it was a time to get out of our classrooms and get some fresh air! Well did you know that fire drills are not just for schools? They should be practiced by businesses and even with your families in case of an emergency happening! There is nothing better than being prepared ahead of an emergency. It is very important to the safety of everyone at home that you know more than one way to exit. An important thing to cover is a designated meeting spot.  This will be extremely important when first responders arrive because you will already know if anyone is still inside.  Here at SERVPRO of Matteson-Homewood, we suggest that you regularly perform a “fire drill” so that the plan is understood to each member of your family. If disaster should strike your home or business, know that SERVPRO of Matteson-Homewood is ready 24/7, 365. Call us at (708) 747-9925 to help walk with you through the cleanup and repairs if an emergency happens in your home!

Did You Know That SERVPRO Offers Extra Services After Fire Damage?

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Fire Electronics and artwork, if not initially destroyed, can still take on severe damage even after the dust has settled through staining and corrosion.

In addition to our fire damage repair and restoration services, SERVPRO also offers a number of accompanying services to help get your home, belongings, and family in order as soon as possible following a fire. Our technicians are trained not only to repair your home, but also to help and work with you, and as such, they can directly take on a number of bonus services or negotiate with licensed contractors for further help.

 Inventory Management

With advanced software and tracking technology, our professionals can help to take inventory of everything in your home following fire damage in Homewood, room-by-room and with your guidance. Not only does this help you to better understand what was and was not lost in the fire, but it also helps when negotiating with insurance providers, so that they can compare inventories and know what was lost in the fire.

Moving Services

Our technicians will help to move out furniture, equipment, and anything you may need if you need to leave the home while it is being restored. This goes hand-in-hand with our inventory services, and one will typically accompany the other. As always, we do everything under your watch and guidance, so that there are no misunderstandings or issues that arise.

Electronics and Artwork Cleaning

Electronics and artwork, if not initially destroyed in the fire, can still take on severe damage even after the dust has settled through staining and corrosion. Depending on the damage, a SERVPRO professional may be able to restore it manually, or we can employ a licensed and trained contractor or specialist to handle the items. These professionals understand the delicate tasks associated with the repair of these items and are the best individuals available to handle these restorations.

 At SERVPRO of Matteson-Homewood, we train each and every one of our technicians to always work closely with the homeowner and to provide services to help you to get through your crisis. If you require our cleanup and restoration services, just give us a call 24/7 at (708) 747-9925.

Cold Weather Is Just Around The Corner - Let's Stay Safe While Using Space Heaters

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space heaters We will respond quickly and provide you with the services you need to get back to normal fast. Call SERVPRO of Matteson - Homewood today!

 Fire does not care what season it is or whether or not its cold outside. Winter related fires are extremely common, especially when you are trying hard to keep warm.
Our offices in the Matteson-Homewood area have experience in fire damage from space heaters and can provide you with some tips to help avoid having to deal with these types of destructive events this winter season.
SERVPRO technicians understand that accidents happen. Placing space heaters too close to other objects or using the wrong type of heater in a particular area can cause severe problems. Please take a moment to consider some factors leading to these fires.
Oil Heaters - Should be used in areas where there is the possibility of moisture. This eliminates any electrical hazards that may be present due to water conductivity. Always keep a safe distance to avoid contact burns.
Electric Heaters - These heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be useful for many areas in your home. However, they should never be left unattended. Thinking of electric heaters as giant toasters can help you understand how important it is to keep a constant eye on them. Make sure you have sufficient wattage to run the device and never use extension cords.
Our SERVPRO staff gets an incredible amount of space heater-related calls every winter. People are trying to stay warm and use space heaters quite often for this purpose. However, using a space heater does not need to cause so many problems during a cold spell. Just use common sense, and always follow the directions of the manufacturer.

The professional technicians at SERVPRO state that you follow a few simple guidelines when operating your space heaters.
1) Always place space heaters on a flat, solid surface for proper stabilization.
2) Purchase heaters with an automatic shut-off feature to prevent dangers from tipping.
3) Maintain proper spacing between heaters and other objects in your home.
4) Never leave children or pets unsupervised around operating heaters.
5) Shut your heaters off properly before leaving your home or going to sleep.
Following these guidelines does not ensure that you will never have to deal with fire damage from space heaters. However, you are less likely to have an unwanted consequence. If this sort of incident still strikes your home this winter season, make the call to our offices immediately. We will respond quickly and provide you with the services you need to get back to normal fast.
Call SERVPRO of Matteson - Homewood today at (970) 493-6335

Don't Make These Types of Water Removal Mistakes!

7/26/2021 (Permalink)

TV in Water The first priority for water damage is effective water removal. Call our SERVPRO team today for service.

Quick Water Removal Helps Save Homewood Property  

Water loss can happen within minutes, depending on how much water a source releases. Removal and restoration of the property to its preloss state, on the other hand, takes time and effort. After receiving the report of a water loss situation in Homewood, SERVPRO moved fast to handle removal minimizing the losses and restoring the home to its normal habitable state.

Fast water removal from affected Homewood properties mostly depends on the equipment used. Our SERVPRO team understands this, having handled water loss incidents in many properties before. We use different sets of equipment to accomplish the intended goal. Equipment such as truck-mounted pumps, high-pressure pumps, and submersible pumps help us remove water fast under different circumstances. For example, instead of using a long hose from the pump to the water source, which can compromise the suction lift, a submersible pump is better.

Apart from the standing water, some also soaked into carpets, upholstery, and other porous materials. Such moisture tends to extend the removal process, especially if evaporation is the chosen method of removal.  Our SERVPRO technicians reduce the timeframe by reducing the amount of moisture to be evaporated. One technique to accomplish this is by the use of weighted extraction tools that squeeze water out of the material before suction lifts it. We have both stationary and self-propelled deep extraction tools. Extraction is 1200 times faster than evaporation.

A walk through the property after the restoration process would hardly reveal where the water reached because we dried all traces of excess moisture. Air movement is crucial during the moisture control stages. Mostly our SERVPRO technicians use centrifugal air movers to provide the necessary air movement because they produce the highest static pressure for a certain air volume. They also have up to three-speed levels giving us better control. The low profile variety of these air movers is especially helpful for processes such as floating carpets for in-place drying.

Speed matters when dealing with water loss. Call SERVPRO of Matteson-Homewood at (708) 747-9925 to help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Take The Right & Only Approach When Water Loss Happens - SERVPRO Can Help!

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Dry Floor Water can damage the subfloor and cause your vinyl flooring to peel. SERVPRO has the know how to remediate the damage.

Drying Vinyl Plank Flooring in Homewood Properties  

Vinyl flooring does not have a limited look that it used to for Homewood properties. These days, this material is a much cheaper and more easily installed option to compete with authentic hardwood flooring. In many cases, the installed vinyl can produce an authentic appearance and feel of legitimate hardwood, and these flooring varieties are at a lesser risk of water loss impacts. Protecting your property can begin with ensuring that you have the right approach to dry this flooring as soon as moisture and dampness pose a threat. 

While many homeowners might mistakenly believe that avoiding the substantial water damage in Homewood properties begins with just conventional drying and cleaning processes, this is rarely as effective as your house requires to remove the damage present altogether. Our SERVPRO team encounters many homes that have inadequately managed moisture and dampness after a water loss, and within a few days, distortion and warping of exposed materials like the flooring occur.    

One of the most critical aspects of water loss recovery is understanding the extent of the damage that the house faces. Our SERVPRO professionals have a deep inventory of discovery devices like infrared imagery, moisture sensors, and thermal tools that can help us to see beyond the surface of flooring to determine the full measure of damage to vinyl plank flooring installed in the property.  Often the underlying beams and supports must be dried to prevent structural weakening or mold growth. 

With the use of specialized equipment like the injecti-dry system and drying mats, our professionals can set up a consistent drying system that slowly draws moisture from the plank joints and subflooring if present. With the fast installation of these mats to address saturation and exposure, vinyl flooring options can often get preserved and restored fully.    

While vinyl flooring can be a less expensive alternative to hardwood options, water saturation can cause the same damage without the appropriate mitigation and rapid drying approaches. Our SERVPRO of Matteson-Homewood can make all water loss outcomes “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call at (708) 747-9925. 

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Leave Water Damage To The SERVPRO Professionals

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Faucet SERVPRO Is Here Before, During and After a Flood or Lots of Water Intrusion.

SERVPRO Can Restore Your Water Damaged Home in Lansing to Pre-Loss Condition

Even though fire is a more common concern for homeowners, you could be ten times more likely to experience water damage in Lansing to your home than fire. This can be caused by numerous situations such as flash floods, levee and dam failures, mudflows, and severe storms.

How to Protect Your Property Before, During and After a Flood or Lots of Water Intrusion. There are several things you can do to lower or stop water damage to your home. Follow the tips below to help you prepare and recover from flood damage.

Learn if your property sits in a flood zone so you can evaluate your chance of flooding. If necessary or desired, purchase a stand-alone homeowner flood insurance policy.
Elevate your water heater, furnace and other permanent equipment above expected flood levels.
Regularly check out your drains and sump pumps to make sure they are clear and are working properly.
If you have a generator, have a transfer switch put on your sump pump by a licensed electrician so you can use it if you experience flooding.
Have a licensed plumber install an exterior or interior backflow prevention valve to stop the chance of sewage backup.
Keep sandbags on hand to divert high water away from your foundation.
Learn what your community uses for flood alert signals.
Plan and practice a route for evacuation and assign a place for family members to meet up if you become separated.
Make sure everyone in the family knows how to shut off utilities.
Make a survival kit with essential insurance documents, critical items and medications in case you need to leave your home.

Have a battery-operated television or radio so you can hear the latest information on the storm. If you are advised to evacuate, turn off all utilities and leave immediately.
Go to higher ground, and stay away from rising waters. Do not drive or walk through floodwaters.
Keep away from electrical wires and downed power lines.

Keep listening to updated reports on the radio or smartphone and don’t go back home until authorities say it’s safe to do.
After you are allowed to go home, inspect your property for any Lansing water damage. Report the loss right away if your property has sustained damage.
Keep an eye out for snakes and other animals which might have gotten into your home.
Throw away any food that came into contact with floodwaters.
Take the standing water out as quickly as you can. Remove or dry soaked carpeting, upholstery and padding within 24-48 hours to prevent the growth of mold. Throw anything out that can’t be dried properly.
Do not try to disinfect and wash every area which has been flooded from groundwater. This is contaminated "category 3" water and requires the removal and sanitizing by a profession water damage restoration company like SERVPRO. This includes floors, walls, shelving, and closets, plus air-conditioning and heating systems. Have an electrician look at all your electronic equipment before powering it back up.

If floodwaters have penetrated your structure or basement, it is strongly suggested that you hire a company like SERVPRO to assess the damage, extract contaminated Black Water, and commence with the cleaning, drying, disinfecting, deodorizing, and final inspection process. Special gear and safety approved OSHA clothing are required for a safe cleanup by the technicians. Please do not attempt to clean sewage or high floodwater intrusion on your own. Safety first.

If the flooding of your home is extensive, but due to a failed infrastructure like a frozen pipe, or broken appliance, then this water is less of a danger to you and your family. Still, any amount of standing water, larger than a bucket-full, should get the attention of a professional company for extraction.

Experiencing water damage from a flood or pooling water for any reason can be very stressful to come back from, so you should contact SERVPRO of Matteson-Homewood so they can help you to clean up properly and get back to normal. They can be reached at any time by calling (708) 747-9925.

Water Damage Can Be Dangerous! How SERVPRO Can Help!

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Water Damage Drying Water damage drying equipment in Country Club Hills, IL

Water extraction is an evolved science that encompasses a professional assessment of the water damage and the creation of a plan of action for recovery. The professionals in this industry are Certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) or Certified Mold Technicians (CMT). They utilize established equations and properties of materials, psychrometry (the study of gas-vapor mixtures), an understanding of mold and microbial activity, and water restoration equipment technology to determine the set of industry accepted mitigation protocols to use.

The use of equations, properties of materials, and psychometrics is needed because water behaves differently depending on its state (liquid, gas, or solid), temperature, the type of material it has penetrated (wood, dry wall, ceramic, concrete, cloth, etc.), and the environmental conditions (relative humidity & temperature). Once all of these parameters are known, calculations are made to determine the most efficient extraction rate possible without causing additional damage.

Mold and microbial growth is possible in the presence of water so it’s vital that the offending water be extracted as soon as possible. Although everyone has seen mold in the past, in many cases mold is not visible. Determining the presence of non-visible mold requires a Certified Mold Technician to take swab samples of the affected material and send the samples to a certified lab for analysis.

There is a wide range of water restoration equipment available to perform water extraction. Suffice to say that it is important to have the right equipment selected for the particular water restoration job at hand.

SERVPRO & Matteson-Homewood Community Team Up

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Woman and son together Marketing representative Angela Kuelper with future SERVPRO employee, her son Vincent.

This past weekend SERVPRO of Matteson- Homewood had the chance to take part in an event for area fire fighters and police!  Peotone Fire Department held their 7th annual Fire & Police Swap Meet at the Will County Fair Grounds in Peotone.  This swap meet has been a great success over the years attracting people from as far away as California!  We were very proud to be able to support such a great event and our local Police and Fire departments.  SERVPRO of Matteson- Homewood marketing representative Angela Kuelper was onsite to answer questions and get to know more about the community that we serve.  

“I meet people from St. Luis, Chicago, Pennsylvania and California while at the event.  It was so nice to see the turn out of both vendors and attendees.  The Peotone Fire Department did a great job putting on the event!  I was told by one person that the event just Kees growing ever year, a sure sign of success!” -Angela Kuelper

At SERVPRO of Matteson- Homewood we love to do these local events.  Community involvement is one of the biggest things that sets us apart from out competitors.  

To see where we will be next or other past events visit us and like us on Facebook at  Also be sure to check back to the page for more news, tips, and events or call our friendly office staff at (708) 747-9925.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!  

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SERVPRO Fire Prevention Tools

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SERVPRO Fire Prevention End Home Fires

SERVPRO of Matteson-Homewood takes an active role in supporting our local Fire Departments.

SERVPRO of Matteson-Homewood is a proud supporter of our Fire Departments.

Whether it be a Fire Department's Blood drive, Open House, Golf Outing, a pancake breakfast, fish fry or benefit, SERVPRO of Matteson-Homewood is there.

Pictured in this blog we are donating a Palmer Doll House which we constructed to the local #Fire Department.

The Palmer Doll House is an effective tool for the training of firemen in both classroom and hands on.

For a Department to be effective as with any business knowledge and education are paramount.

Using the Palmer Doll House is a superb vehicle to show and demonstrate how ventilation of positive and negative degrees allows to see how backdraft and flashover occurs.

It also can be a tool to demonstrate tactics and results therefrom.

For more information please call our office at 708-747-9925.